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A city full of cycling, culture, and cinnamon pastries lured us in for a weekend break in Copenhagen. With the lure of cheap flights, we flew with Easyjet from Luton direct to CPH. Naturally, we had major plans for artisan porridge, exploring quirky neighbourhoods and fitting in as many Danish pastries as humanly possible. Good news: all were achieved!

How’d we get there?

An early morning flight got us to Copenhagen, ready for a full weekend of exploring. It was simple enough to use the metro to get to the centre, with tickets costing £7 for both of us. Make sure you get a three zone ticket so that you’re covered! Tickets last for a certain time duration here depending on the amount of zones. Our ticket lasted for an hour and a half which meant we had enough time to get the metro to Norreport station and then hop on the bus to our accommodation.

Where did we stay?

We stayed at this AirBnB listing, situated a little outside of central Copenhagen, near the trendy Norrebrø district. The apartment was cosy yet stylish and had us taking notes for how to decorate our own place! It came with free bread baked by the hosts which was delicious, and also the use of two bikes. The bikes were a little on the rickety side, especially mine, but they served us well for the three days we had in the city. They did the job and got us from place to place safely! We’d definitely recommend staying here if you visit Denmark, if you book through this link then we’ll both get £25 credit off of our next booking.

What did we get up to?

We cycled a lot of the city, exploring the nearby Superkilen, stopping for a heavenly porridge breakfast in Norrebro’s Grod, and racing to eat traditional Smorrebrod at Rita’s. On the go non-stop, we made sure to make every minute in the city count, although we did leave time for relaxing in the apartment too.

What did we eat and drink?

We cycled over to Papiroen, or Paper Island, a street food market bursting with options. We were so overwhelmed by all of the amazing choices! There’s all sorts here. In the end we settled for our first taste of Smorrebrod. This local delicacy is an open sandwich on dark rye bread. Toppings range from traditional fish to fried egg and liver, there’s probably a topping to appeal to everyone.

At Rita’s we got a more in depth taste. We paid only a small amount of money for some really tasty open faced sandwiches. This little shop is tiny and only open at certain times of the day, but worth it if you want real and authentic smorrebrod!

Another food market we went to was Torvehallerne, quite centrally located and full of yet more tasty options. Here we ate pizza at Gorm’s, super thin, cooked to order and devoured within minutes. There are so many stalls to look at and pick from that you’ll have a hard time deciding: we know we did!

And what did we drink?

Not content with just trying all kinds of foods, we naturally had to sample the bars too. After doing a little research into cocktail bars before visiting, we paid a visit to The Barking Dog. Being big cocktail fans we were intrigued to try out somewhere new. We both ended up with slightly unusual, but tasty drinks. We then moved on to a place recommended by our AirBnB hosts, Kind of Blue. A quirky bar in Norrebro, we stopped for a beer and discussed the best parts of our visit. We barely even scratched the surface of trendy bars in CPH. A reason to visit again!

Gorm's Pizza


Kind of Blue

The Barking Dog


Rita's Smorrebrod


  • Gorm's Pizza
  • Grod
  • Kind of Blue
  • The Barking Dog
  • Papiroen
  • Rita's Smorrebrod
  • Torvehallerne

For where we visited whilst sightseeing pop on over to this article to see the local attractions and a more in depth look at the most visited places in Copenhagen. There’s so much to do in this city that you won’t be bored for even a second.

Did we like it?

We loved Copenhagen! It’s a trendy city filled with boutiques, restaurants and bars which caters to everything we love. The only downside was that visiting over Easter meant many shops we’d like to have visited were closed, which was a shame. The easy and safe bicycle lanes, our cosy AirBnB, and of course the pastries, will definitely have us back again in the future. Book a weekend break in Copenhagen, you won’t regret it!