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We’re home! Alright, so we’ve actually been back from our trip nearly three months now. How fast does time fly?!? You may remember our post about travelling as a couple, which we wrote before we left on our big adventure. I thought it was high time we gave you an update! Did we survive?

Getting along

I’m happy to report we survived! You could even say we thrived as a couple whilst we were away. I knew before we left that we travelled well together, having been on a few holidays as a couple prior to our five month trip.

The laid back life of Southeast Asia helped us to relax, go with the flow, and just enjoy our holiday as a couple. Being away for a long amount of time meant that we took sightseeing at our own pace, some days we did lots, some we did nothing!

How did we work together?

We’re not a perfect couple, nobody is. We compliment and contrast in differing ways. Here’s a few examples of how we worked together to avoid a meltdown!

  • We often get stressy about picking somewhere to eat, so found that we’d browse blogs/tripadvisor/spot places in the street whilst out and about and earmark them for later. This stopped us from both becoming hangry monsters, AND we’d get to (most of the time) eat somewhere awesome!
  • I often get worried that we’ve got the wrong tickets, or we’re on the wrong bus. Luckily I have Adam to calm me down and talk sense into me – him being more laid back really helps when I have my stressful moments! Our personalities balance and mesh together to create the ultimate travel couple – laidback but organised too!
  • Knowing when the other one is tired, or wants to stay out a bit longer. I’d be tired and ready for bed, but Adam wanted to stay out, or vice versa. Every now and then one of us would compromise, maybe we’d get beers from 7/11 to drink in the room instead, or just stay out for one more drink. It works!
  • We found that pausing for a mid day iced coffee break really helped. It’s not fun trudging from temple to temple when it’s 35 odd degrees out and you’re knackered. Pausing throughout the day helped us to relax and feel revived, rather than just getting crabby at one another.

Five months

We can’t deny that there were moments when we were tired, or stressed, or missing home. Of course there were points when we’d get a bit touchy. But we never had any major arguments (we’re pretty chill) and most disagreements were where to eat or whether we were going to walk or get a tuk tuk. Travel only brought us closer together, allowing us to share a plethora of new experiences. I’m so grateful that we travel well together – we were made for backpacking around the world as a duo! Here’s to the next holiday, and the next, and the next, and the next…