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Travelling and fashion are not always categories that overlap. We tend to travel hand luggage only, so the option to cram in endless outfits just isn’t there. I find that having a limited amount of space forces me to look at the clothes I’ve got and to be more creative. Here are a few tips for how you can pack minimally, but still look nice when you get to your destination.

Cold or Hot Weather?

Going somewhere cold? Layers are key. Somewhere hot? Layers are not key. Apart from our Greek holiday, all of our trips have been in transition seasons. So New York was Autumn into Winter, Copenhagen Spring from Winter. I hate to be cold anywhere in the world, so packing light clothing and no coat was not going to cut it for me. How’d I manage it?

  • Layering. Time old trick – long sleeved t-shirts under jackets, jumpers or cardigans. A gilet if you’re into that kind of thing. Invest in vests! Just like your mum used to make you wear to school under your uniform.
  • If I’m desperate and I want multiple layers then I’ll put on some tights under my jeans. It’s not glamorous at all, but it keeps me a bit warmer.
  • A coat! I love my coats, so I just pick my favourite and wear it on the plane. DON’T PACK IT! Unless you want to have no room for anything else ever. Obviously this works better for city breaks. I wouldn’t wear my favourite M&S Wool Coat on a hiking trip in Peru. I also always pack/wear on the plane a scarf as it keeps my neck covered and if it’s chucking it down I can cover my hair with it too.
  • Hot weather? Sundresses are great for throwing on and always look nice with minimal effort. A mix of ‘nicer’ cotton tops go with shorts for the evening, whilst basic tank tops and t-shirts serve well for the day.
  • I find it’s always good to pack a cardigan/thin hoodie. If it’s chilly at night in Greece then I want a cover up. Equally it goes over my clothes but under my coat in colder climates, keeping me warmer just that bit longer.

Mix and Match

You’ve heard it a thousand times before and I’m here to repeat it to you again. Mix and match! It’s good to go for colours that are complimentary.

  • It’s good to have a few variations of tops – a t-shirt or two can be worn under an open button up shirt, a button up shirt can be worn under a jumper, the possibilities are endless! I like to pack a plain one, a stripy one, and something a little nicer. Pack a jumper or long sleeved top too if it’s going to be chilly.
  • If it’s cold where you’re going, consider jeans. They go with everything and keep your legs warm. They’re probably only best for city breaks though! Don’t even think about it if it’s going to be hot.
  • SHIRTS. I love a good shirt. I’ve taken one on every trip and am taking one on our next trip too. Thin shirts also help you to look smart when it’s hot, but don’t mean you’re a sweaty mess twenty minutes into your day. I highly recommend the good old button up/down/shake it all around.

Everyone has their own style and it’s up to you how you want to pack and what clothes you want to take away. I am slowly working my way to being stylish but still travelling minimally. You don’t *have* to look stylish whilst you’re away, I just enjoy my clothes and I like to reflect my personality through what I wear. Hope that this inspires you when you’re packing for your next adventure!

BONUS FUN FACT: Some of the items shown in these photographs were sewn by me. I love to make my own clothes!