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Seoul in February is freezing. We were definitely not prepared for the weather, having arrived from humid Kuala Lumpur! Layering up in all of our clothes, we headed out to see what the city had to offer. Here are a few of our favourite things to do in Seoul, whatever the season.

Explore Gyeongbokgung Palace

Set in expansive grounds, you’ll definitely want to visit this impressive palace. It’s popular with tourists and locals alike, with groups of teenagers everywhere dressed up in their traditional Hanboks.

The changing of the guards happens twice a day and is worth a watch – there’s commentary in English so you can understand what’s happening. The palace grounds are expansive and spacious, and there’s plenty to look at. There’s also the National Palace Museum and National Folk Museum in the grounds, both of which we can recommend!

It costs 3,000 won (£2!) to get into Gyeongbokgung Palace and it easily fills up a morning or afternoon, no matter what the weather is. When we visited it was a crisp and clear day, and perfect for blog photographs. The palace is closed on Tuesdays, so make sure you check opening hours/days before you go.

Gyeongbokgung Palace

N Seoul Tower


  • Gyeongbokgung Palace
  • N Seoul Tower
  • Hongdae

N Seoul Tower

The N Seoul Tower is an excellent way to get a view over all of Seoul, and worth adding to your itinerary. The walk up Namsan mountain is a good workout, and provides plenty of scenic stops for photographs. There’s also a cable car which you can catch up to the top, but we skipped it as it cost almost the same as entry to the tower itself.

Once we’d reached the top, we watched a series of cultural and historical Korean performances, which were very enjoyable! Our tickets into the tower itself were reasonably priced, and we were quite glad to get inside and warm up after a chilly hike. We combined our ticket with popcorn and a drink, and spent the next hour or so in a sugar coma. The views over the city were magnificent, and we couldn’t quite believe just *how* many buildings there were.

You could easily spend a day exploring this area, or make use of the cable car and squeeze it into a few hours. We’d definitely recommend the N Seoul Tower!


You have to come to Seoul for the food, if nothing else. From Bibimbap to Korean BBQ, there’s something for everyone. We would fly there tomorrow just to eat our way across the city! From street food to sit down restaurants, we can honestly say that we didn’t have a single bad meal during our brief stay.

The incredible amount of banchan (sides) that come with your food everywhere are amazing – eating kimchi with every meal is something we need to adopt in the UK! We got to enjoy the traditional Korean BBQ, and sampled Galbi, which was a definite highlight. And of course, a trip to South Korea wouldn’t be complete without a giant, comforting bowl of Bibimbap. Eating good food should be the top priority on your list of things to do in Seoul, we sampled so much amazing tuff just a short radius from our hostel in the super cool Hongdae area.

Choose Seoul

There are so many things to do in Seoul. Whatever time of year you visit, we promise that you won’t be bored. With a wealth of amazing sights, tasty food, and good shopping, South Korea is well worth adding to your travel list!