After arriving from Trang on the sleeper train and getting a good first night’s sleep, we were ready to do some sightseeing! We decided that visiting some of the temples in Bangkok was important, and a afternoon’s plan was made.

Wat Pho

Because we were staying near Khao San Road, we were smack bang near the historical part of Bangkok. This meant it was a half an hour walk to Wat Pho. Nice and easy! We’d planned to visit the Grand Palace, but with the passing of the king, and the many mourners in town, the queues seemed impossible. We decided to save the grand palace for a return visit instead.

A pleasant walk later, 100B entry fee paid, and we were in! Wat Pho houses the reclining Buddha, probably the most famous attraction on offer, but there’s plenty more to see too. In total, we spent around an hour just meandering through the little temples and beautiful structures, snapping away and taking it all in.

Wat Pho

Wat Arun

Grand Palace

  • Wat Pho
  • Wat Arun
  • Grand Palace

It was, naturally, very busy around where the reclining Buddha was, but most everywhere else at the temple was peaceful, and not too crowded.

Wat Arun

After our visit to Wat Pho, we crossed the river to see Wat Arun. After exploring the old town a little, we caught the ferry across the river for a mere 3.5B each, about 8p! It’s located right by the river and you cannot miss it. The ferry takes only a minute or so, but is the easiest way to cross.

It cost 50B each to enter the Wat, and we spent a little less time here as it’s smaller than Wat Pho. Some of the main structures were under construction, so we couldn’t climb the steep stairs further up Wat Arun. However, I was secretly glad of this, as they were very steep!

Despite the construction work, we still managed to get some good photographs and enjoyed comparing and contrasting the designs of both temples. Everything was so beautiful and intricate, the level of detail really astounded us.

Getting out-templed

Although we’d only visited two temples, we were feeling quite out-templed by the afternoon. Walking around in the baking sun is tiring, and we were in need of some lunch and a drink. We enjoyed our morning of Wat visiting, and looked forward to our next opportunity of it on our trip to the ancient capital city of Ayutthaya!