When Daisy and I travelled to US for the first time, we weren’t looking to take the perfect shot in New York City. We weren’t planning to write about our trip either. This was before the idea of Cases Packed had formed. Any photos we took were mere snaps taken for our own benefit, with no thought of sharing them with a wider audience. This might’ve been a problem were it not for the fact this is New York City we’re talking about.

A truly photogenic city

Fortunately, what we quickly discovered about New York City is that it looks good from every angle. So ubiquitous is the city in TV and film that around every corner is another strangely familiar, iconic sight. It’s a dense mixture of architecture styles, landmarks, history and real life. It’s no wonder it’s cited as the most photographed city in the world.


My personal favourite is the slightly lesser (although still very frequently) photographed Wyndham New Yorker Hotel. This building, topped with giant signage, begs to be photographed and produces perfect Instagram fodder every time.

Manhattan Bridge

New Yorker Hotel

Statue of Liberty

Washington Street

  • Manhattan Bridge
  • New Yorker Hotel
  • Statue of Liberty
  • Washington Street

Two more icons of the city, the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan Bridge, are equally as rewarding. We took photos of Lady Liberty from many different perspectives, some less commonly seen than others, and it just looks good every time. For Manhattan Bridge we had to get the shot from Washington Street in Dumbo, a definite tourist favourite. For this angle, the only obstacle in taking a perfect photo is the groups of other tourists gathered in the street, cameras in hand, also taking advantage of the perfect framing helpfully provided by the urban landscape.


New York City is a gift to photographers of all abilities. If you can point a camera and push a button, you will come away with more than a few publication worthy images. Which you can reflect back on every so often, as you plan your next visit to this amazing place.