Nestled in Norrebro, Copenhagen, is a trendy and quirky park which is unlike any other park we’ve seen. Superkilen! It’s a big, public park with so many interesting features. We loved cycling and walking through it when we stayed in Copenhagen. We want to share it with you too, so you can check it out on your next trip.

Park of the future?

Opened in 2012 and part of an urban improvement plan, Superkilen is made up of three areas spaced along a public cycle track. There’s a red section with swings, a trendy green park and an odd, hilly, palm tree lined market area.

The cycle path through the park is lovely and flat and not too busy. It’s perfect for somewhere to hop on your bike. You can exit the park and cycle all the way down to Frederiksborg. Our AirBnB rental came with free cycles and handily it was located 5 seconds from the park, so we crossed through here each morning on our way into the centre or deeper into Norrebro.

Copenhagen Centre

Superkilen Park

  • Copenhagen Centre
  • Superkilen Park

The surrounding areas of the park hold residents from over 50 nationalities. The designers of the park wanted to incorporate their ideas into the design. This lead to them asking the residents to suggest items to go into the park. Therefore all of the benches, bins and swings you see are from all over the world – fountains from Morocco, picnic benches from America. It’s amazing to discover where everything arrived from!

We really recommend a trip over to this park, especially if the weather’s nice. It’s so quirky and interesting and makes for some great photographs. Superkilen is super!