Here’s a round up of some of the food in New York that we ate back on our 2015 trip. There’s so much choice and so little time, it’s hard to fit every recommendation in! There are many places we didn’t get to visit, but here are the best of the ones that we did get to!

Pizza Party

In search of Pizza after a morning at the American Museum of Natural History, Yelp led us to Freddie & Pepper’s. Hoping for somewhere small with an authentic feel, we definitely got that! There were no frills, just good pizza! After attempting to order mushroom pizza, we both somehow ended up with BBQ Chicken? But being starved, we gobbled it up and enjoyed every bite.

We stopped to refuel in Lower Manhattan, enjoying a quick slice as we walked to the 9/11 memorial. I don’t remember what the place was called, but we chowed down on pepperoni and BBQ chicken. (Can you tell who loves BBQ pizza?) Quick and easy, this pizza kept us going until dinner later.

Getting pizza just by the slice is so handy when you’re out and about all day. There are some great pizza joints in New York and I’m sad that we didn’t make it to some of the more well known ones such as Grimaldi’s, but that’s even more of a reason to book return flights!

A Mexicue Dinner

Before a trip to the theatre to see Something Rotten, we were in search of something to eat. Earlier in the day we’d spotted Mexicue, a restaurant which serves, you guessed it, Mexican food! The promise of happy hour margaritas was too enticing, so in we went.

We ordered two types of tacos to share, shrimp and pulled pork, and a couple of sides – cheesy mash and rice, all flavourful and enjoyable. Our happy hour margaritas were really strong, as is custom in NYC it seems. We British folk must be used to weaker cocktails! If you’re looking for somewhere quick and simple to eat, and you like Mexican food – this is the place!


On our last day we spent the majority of our time wandering through Soho, shopping and taking in the beautiful architecture. Settling in at Rintintin, we enjoyed a final lunch before heading to the airport. It’s a tiny and nicely decorated bar-come-restaurant, we were seated by a big open window allowing for perfect people watching. The cocktails were well mixed and again, strong! For food, we both chose variations on a club sandwich from the specials menu. We were so ravenous that photographs were long forgotten. It was a great way to finish off our short time in New York – I’d love to go back there in the evening for more cocktails!

We followed Rintintin with a hop, skip and jump down Spring Street into Rice to Riches. This can only be described as the greatest rice pudding shop on earth! If there even is another rice pudding shop anywhere? On offer is what feels like a million different flavours, it’s hard to pick what to go for! We went for coconut and tiramisu and shared a small pot, intending to eat half and save the rest for later. As you can imagine, it was so good that we just couldn’t save it! Definitely add this place to your food list for New York!

Freddie & Pepper's



Rice to Riches

  • Freddie & Pepper's
  • Mexicue
  • Rintintin
  • Rice to Riches

Looking back over our trip, we had such huge plans for what and where we wanted to eat, but sightseeing and exploring New York took priority, leaving us with less appetite and time to snack. There’s just so many options for food in New York, what’s on your food list? Please tell us in the comments so we can visit it next time!