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On Christmas day, we found ourselves in Hoi An. Looking for a place to sit and celebrate the day, we stumbled across the Reaching Out Teahouse. It was mentioned to us by a friend, and despite us not knowing much about it, we thought we’d give it a try! It’s located on one of the main streets in the town centre, and definitely an oasis away from the crowds.

Reaching Out Teahouse, Hoi An

This quaint little tea house offers a small selection of light refreshments. From herbal teas to coffees, a few juices, and the tastiest biscuits, there’s something for all. Everything is served on beautiful crockery and the tea is drunk from delicate cups. But what makes it different from any other tea and coffee shop? It’s completely silent!

Completely silent? The Reaching Out Teahouse is managed by staff who have hearing and speech impairments. This means that you place your order through pointing, word blocks, and a small notepad. The surroundings feel unbelievably peaceful and calm. There’s a tranquillity in the air.

High Socie-tea

Adam ordered a pot of Oolong tea whilst I sprung for a freshly squeezed lime juice. The lime juice arrived with a selection of syrups. A little tray of small glass vials of simple syrup as well as ginger, and cinnamon flavours to sweeten the juice were warmly welcomed.

Alongside our drinks, and seeing as it was Christmas day after all, we ordered biscuits to share. The little plates of biscuits that we shared were simple, but well baked and so tasty. It was a warm welcome after a few months of missing biscuits whilst on the road.

We used the small notepad and wooden blocks to get the bill, this was so simple. I remembered the ASL for ‘thank you’ and I think our server seemed to appreciate it!

Support Reaching Out

Established in 2000, Reaching Out is a social enterprise, employing many people from all walks of life. They provide a variety of opportunities for disabled people, allowing them to get into work and to showcase their abilities in differing ways. As well as Reaching Out Teahouse, there’s also Reaching Out Arts & Crafts, a shop in Hoi An which is stocked full of beautiful, artisan goods. There’s a wealth of treasures on display and it’s well worth a look whilst you’re in town.

Reaching Out Teahouse

Reaching Out Arts & Crafts

  • Reaching Out Teahouse
  • Reaching Out Arts & Crafts

We loved our Christmas day treat at the Reaching Out Teahouse, and urge you to seek it out on your travels.