We’re there. We’ve taken the leap. After 18 months in my job, and 3 years for Adam, we’re quitting our jobs and travelling the world, exploring South East Asia, South Kora, and Japan for 5 months. It’s terrifying and scary. We’re stepping out into the unknown!

The Next Chapter

Next Tuesday, we’ll make sure our passports are safely tucked in our bags. Together we’ll eat a final breakfast, hop on a train to London and make our way to the airport. There, we’ll say goodbye to an English winter and board a flight to the next chapter of our lives. Hot weather and endless sunshine calls our names! Not everyone has the time or money to be able to leave their job to travel, so we feel incredibly lucky to be able to do such a thing.

The places we’ll go, the food we’ll eat, the sights we’ll see. All plentiful. We’re ready to take it all in and experience every moment. We’ll take photos and record videos, but also we’ll know when to step back from social media and enjoy moments as a couple. It’s not about showing the world what an amazing time you’re having, but what you’re sharing and learning together.

Adventures await. New sounds and smells, lack of sleep, long bus journeys. Early mornings and sunrises, night markets, battling with new currency and languages. The hustle and bustle against the calm and quiet. We’re ready for every second of it! Hopefully you’ll join us along the way, too.