Alright, we’ve shared our highlights with you, and now it’s time to share our one month itinerary for Vietnam. We feel that we saw the length and breadth of the country, and comfortably fit it in to 30 days. There were a few spots that we chose not to go to – Sapa being the main one, but all in all we had a good mix of cities and beaches and everything in between!

We began our month in Vietnam by crossing the border from Laos, that was a fun 27 hour bus journey!

4 nights in Hanoi

If we could, our blog would probably just be one big love letter to Hanoi. We drank copious amounts of coffee, ate amazing food, and spent our days wandering around and taking the city in. Highlights include discovering Cong Caphes (so trendy!), eating Bun Thit Nuong on a balcony, and trekking around the Ho Chi Minh mausoleum on a particularly overcast day. There’s so much to do, but equally, so much to not do.

2 nights in Ha Long Bay and Cat Ba Island

A real highlight was our Ha Long Bay excursion. We had a great trip, a pre-christmas treat to ourselves! Cycling, kayaking and trekking were all on the agenda, and we returned back to Hanoi feeling very content, but ready to sleep for a long time.

2 nights in Hue (1 night on the sleeper train)

We took one night on the sleeper train from Hanoi to Hue, which was an experience. The trains aren’t as well kept as Thai trains, but they’re bearable. Surprisingly we managed a few hours of sleep and woke up to a very flooded Hue. Our time here can only be described as ‘okay’. We found the city to feel quite dead, and the fact that the weather wasn’t very good didn’t help our moods either.

2 nights in Danang

Danang was definitely a hidden highlight for us. We spent two nights at Danang Backpacker’s Hostel, with a dorm to ourselves, and mainly spent our time exploring the city on foot. The dragon bridge lit up at night is a sight to see, and there’s plenty of great food on offer to stuff your face with. We highly recommend Mi Quang 1A if you stop by!

4 nights in Hoi An

Our Christmas was spent in Hoi An, and we loved every second. 4 nights at the Thien Tanh homestay in an upgraded room was perfect, we used the free bikes to cycle to the beach, into town, and over to the pottery village. A very rainy Christmas eve was spent taking part in a cooking class, which we thoroughly enjoyed!

We had a relaxed Christmas Day, enjoying a spot of tea at the Reaching Out Teahouse. Our Christmas dinner was at the Almanity, and whilst very nice, we did miss our home comforts! We spent boxing day cycling around town, visiting the pottery village and eating more good food. Hoi An was a lovely, relaxing break!

2 nights in Nha Trang (1 night sleeper bus)

Yet another night on a sleeper bus, which (thankfully) was uneventful, and we arrived in Nha Trang. After reading some not so great reviews of the city, we had decided we didn’t want to stay long, but needed it as a buffer to avoid a heinously long journey to Dalat. So, stop we did!

Our hotel room was small but cosy, and we managed to find some amazing noodle soup! We explored the city on foot and visited a couple of the larger sites. Also there was amazing greek food to be had. It’s not all bad in Nha Trang.

3 nights in Dalat (1 night sleeper bus)

Ah, Dalat, mountain town. Little Paris. We loved ringing in 2017 here. We took an easy rider tour around the area and had the greatest New Year’s day ever. I’m still not sure how we managed to see so many things in one day! When we weren’t easy riding, we spent a very rainy New Year’s Eve at the Crazy House, café hopping, and eating pizza and drinking £1 glasses of wine. A New Year’s well spent.

2 nights in Ho Chi Minh

Another sleeper bus got us into Saigon at 3am. The bus must have been doing record breaking speeds, but we prefer not to think about that. We arrived, sleepy at 3am, and watched the sun come up at a 24h cafe. It’s a small thing, but a moment that we’ll never forget. Our time in Ho Chi Minh was filled with Banh Mi’s, beer, and more wandering. Can you sense a theme in how we like to travel yet?

2 nights in Can Tho

A whirlwind trip down to Can Tho gave us the opportunity to stay at the lovely Spring Hotel. Our purpose for going was for an amazing floating market tour. We ended up with our own private boat and guide, and there was even the chance to eat a bowl of noodles on the water! It was well worth the 4 hour bus ride down, and we wouldn’t change it for the world.

1 night in Ho Chi Minh

Then, one final night in Ho Chi Minh and it’s all over! We had a nice final meal at a restaurant called Propaganda as a treat, and booked ourselves onto a Giant Ibis bus headed for Phnom Penh.


Ha Long Bay



Hoi An

Nha Trang


Ho Chi Minh City

Can Tho

  • Hanoi
  • Ha Long Bay
  • Hue
  • Danang
  • Hoi An
  • Nha Trang
  • Dalat
  • Ho Chi Minh City
  • Can Tho

As you can see, we had a jam packed one month itinerary! We can honestly say that we loved every second of our time in Vietnam, and wouldn’t hesitate to go back. Our favourite places have to be Hanoi, and Dalat. The food scene in Danang is also out of this world, and we’d do anything to go back for a bowl of Mi Quang. Get us on a plane back there stat!