Technically we didn’t spend a full month in Thailand, more like 24 days. Our one month Thailand itinerary took us on a route across the country that was simple and easy to do. Now we’re sharing it with you to inspire your next trip!

We began our Thailand experience by flying from Singapore directly to Krabi, so there’s where our story begins.

2 Nights in Krabi

We landed in Krabi mid afternoon and caught the airport bus into town. We stayed right beside the weekend night market, and enjoyed exploring and looking at what the stalls had on offer on our first evening. Whilst in Krabi, we ate tasty Pad Thai and Tom Yum, and enjoyed happy hour cocktails whilst playing connect 4!

On our second day in Krabi we took a songthaew to nearby Ao Nang. We walked the length of the beach, shared iced coffees and just relaxed. It was nice to be in the warm weather and to just enjoy our first few days in Thailand!

3 Nights in Ko Lanta

We caught the ferry to Ko Lanta, which took around two hours. It was quite overcast so we didn’t have the most amazing views on our arrival, but we were excited nonetheless. We stayed at Mook Lanta Eco Resort on Long Beach, and loved it!

We booked ourselves onto the 4 Islands Boat Tour, our first tour of our adventure, and had an alright time. Staying on Long Beach gave us plenty of food and drink options. We enjoyed dinner at May’s kitchen, breakfast at Faim de Loup, and lots of Chang beer whilst we watched the sun set over the ocean. If you’re not into party islands and want to relax – Lanta is the place!

1 Night in Trang

The main reason we were in Trang was for the sleeper train, so we bought our tickets for the next evening and got a room for the night.

We went local for our dinner and enjoyed noodle soup. The locals seemed bemused as we walked in, not sure that they were used to seeing tourists in their restaurant! The ladies that served us were so lovely, and Adam maintains that this is his favourite dish from our time in Thailand.

The night market in Trang was huge and full of goodies – they are quickly becoming our favourite evening activity! 30 Baht got me some ice cream and yoghurt with crunchy toppings, and Adam had his obligatory meat on a stick.


Ko Lanta





Chiang Mai


  • Krabi
  • Ko Lanta
  • Trang
  • Bangkok
  • Kanchanaburi
  • Ayutthaya
  • Chiang Mai
  • Pai

Sleeper train to Bangkok

Our first overnight train was a good experience! We managed to book two upper berths, so we were sat across the aisle from each other and had beds facing each other whilst we slept. We found this to be the better option, as we could talk across the bunks. A little sleep was had before being hurled into the chaos of Bangkok!

2 Nights in Bangkok

We split our time in Bangkok up so that we wouldn’t be too overwhelmed, and felt like it was the right thing to do. Our itinerary included lots of walking around the city, braving the public buses, exploring nearby Khao San Road (not our thing), and the surrounding streets (much nicer)!

We were in Bangkok over the weekend, so visited Chatuchak market which was super busy, but interesting to look around. I think it might be the biggest market we’ve ever been to. MBK centre was also mad, and we had many attempts trying to barter to get me a new backpack. We got the deal we wanted in the end but it took two visits!

We also spent a day temple hopping and had lots of fun!

3 Nights in Kanchanaburi

Back on the train again and a scenic journey to Kanchanaburi. We walked the bridge over the river Kwai, were confounded by the bizarre JEATH War Museum, and just generally enjoyed exploring. We also spent a wonderful day at Elephant Haven!

Another 2 Nights in Bangkok

Back in Bangkok, we had two nights but not a whole amount of time in the city. We took a day trip to Ayutthaya and grew totally tired of taking trains – no more! The rest of our time in the city was dedicated to wandering around the various districts, hopping from the BTS to the Skytrain and in and out of malls. Fun!

Sleeper train to Chiang Mai

Another train?!? Our last for a while, thankfully. We booked an upper and lower bunk for this trip and managed a little more sleep than our first sleeper experience. Success!

4 Nights in Chiang Mai

Ahh, Chiang Mai. The other Thai capital. Perfect for some time relaxing, this place is so much quieter than Bangkok! We had 4 peaceful nights here, trying the local dish of Khao Soi, going to the cinema at Maya shopping centre, and just roaming the streets taking everything in. After a lot of hopping around, it was lovely to relax here for a while!

2 Nights in Pai

The minibus certainly took the long AND winding road to Pai. They boast the road has 762 curves in town, and I think we felt every single one of them. Nightmare ride up there over, we spent two nights in a lizard filled bungalow, and enjoyed an amazing day trip which cost us £10 each! We got to see all the main sights in Pai, including hot springs and a glorious sunset over the canyons.

2 More Nights in Chiang Mai

Back to Chiang Mai! Originally planning just one night, we ended up staying for two so we could sort out our transport to the Laos border. We visited the cinema for the second time!  We visited the Sunday night market to top off our time in Thailand, and of course we made sure to have a final bowl of Khao Soi.

What a month! Not quite a full 30 days in the country, but more than enough to whet our appetite for Thailand. It’s a beautiful place with so much to see. The opportunity to be able to spend a lengthy amount of time exploring was warmly welcomed. I think we managed to go everywhere that we wanted to!

The next step in was journey now is Laos!