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I’d read about this place online before we started our trip, and immediately though ‘it looks super weird. WE HAVE TO GO.’ So go we did, and on a rainy Saturday morning in Singapore, we hopped on the circle line and got off at Haw Par Villa. Let the nightmares begin.

What on Earth is this place?

This place was built in 1937 by two brothers, who were also the creators of world famous Tiger Balm. They opened it to be a place to teach traditional Chinese traditions and values. The park encompasses dioramas of various stories and legends, as well as lots of weird stand alone statues. It was taken over by a company in the 80’s but didn’t do so well, and now is sadly declining. When we visited there was construction everywhere, but we could still walk around and look. Entry was free which made it that bit sweeter!

Haw Par Villa

The ten courts of hell

This walk-through, to us western folk, is messed. up. It details the ten courts of hell and the punishments that you will go through before you can think about being reborn/forgiven. I’ll let the photographs do the talking…

Other oddities

There are so many unexplained statues all over the place. Some have plaques describing what they depict, others are left to the imagination. I’m not sure I’ll ever sleep again after seeing the creepy crab/woman hybrid. WHY?!? I’ll let the following photographs speak for themselves.

This place is has its own stop on the MRT and is only seconds walking from the station. It’s free entry and fun to explore for an hour or so. When we visited, as I said earlier in the post, there was construction – new paths being built and renovations, so possibly it’s being revamped for the future? Whatever you decide to do in Singapore, if you’re after something a little quirky, we recommend Haw Par Villa!