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Whereas most street food can reliably be found on the street throughout Southeast Asia, stalls are instead grouped into Hawker Centres in Singapore. They were moved from the streets by the authorities, and into organised centres. They’re plentiful, and you can’t walk very far without bumping into one. They’re also the cheapest way to eat in Singapore, we relied on them for every meal! It certainly helped us to stay on budget, and we got to eat well too!

Tekka Centre, Little India

We were staying in Little India, and so the Tekka Centre was smack bang on our doorstep. Famous for its Indian Food, there’s tons of stuff on offer here and it’s where we ate our first meal, as well as having a few drinks and snacks when passing by. It’s a little smaller than the other centres we went to, but there’s still plenty to choose from. Our first meal, we shared Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice) and Lime Juice, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We also stopped for a banana/chocolate prata, a thin pancake, which was SUPER tasty. We also tried Chendol here, a weird bean-milk-sweet concotion which was tasty, but just didn’t grab our attention.

Bonus fun fact: Daisy walked into a stool here and got the most horrendous bruise she’s seen in a long time. It’s still not faded.

Lau Pa Sat Hawker Centre

When looking for a Chinatown hawker centre, we stumbled upon Lau Pa Sat. Open, airy, and inviting, it called our name! We shared a bowl of Qiu Lian Ban Mian, or noodles in broth with pork and fried anchovies on top. This was possibly the favourite meal of our entire time in Singapore – we love noodles in broth! A little bit of Dim Sum and an iced coffee were also shared, and all were equally as good. We loved it here as it wasn’t too busy or overwhelming and the choice of food was great. Definitely try to visit this centre!

Newton Food Centre

This centre was close to an MRT stop as we headed back into the city from Singapore Zoo. Hungry and unwilling to pay the zoo prices, we stopped off here for (another!?) iced coffee and Hainanese chicken rice. It’s apparently a local dish, so we wanted to try it! It’s essentially rice cooked in chicken stock, with some veg, and boiled chicken breast. A little plain for both our palates, but nice nonetheless. We loved the ginger and chilli sauces provided but aren’t sure we’d order this dish again in a hurry. The outdoor seating area was lovely as it wasn’t raining and the sun was just setting. This centre’s a little more tourist orientated, we felt, as we were constantly approached by stall owners trying to get our business.


The main stretch in Chinatown transforms into a kind of street food/open hawker centre paradise in the evening. It was packed with people every time we wandered down, we couldn’t help looking at what everyone had ordered! We only stopped here to try an ice kachang, a local dish. It was… weird. Shaved ice with sweet syrups mixed in sits on top of green jelly bits and red beans. And sweetcorn on top. It was indeed sweet, and a dessert, but not something we could really warm to. Shan’t be ordering that one again!

Seah Im Food Centre

Our last stop and last meal in Singapore. We were sad to leave the excitement and choice of all of the centres! We stopped at Seah Im before walking over to Sentosa for our final taste of Singaporean food. Our choice was Nasi Lemak, a Malay dish which includes rice cooked in coconut milk, an egg, spicy sambal sauce, fried anchovies with toasted peanuts and a fried chicken leg. Or fried tiny fish if you’re Adam. We both really enjoyed our meals and were glad to try something that’s kind of local!

Tekka Centre

Lau Pa Sat

Newton Food Centre


Seah Im

  • Tekka Centre
  • Lau Pa Sat
  • Newton Food Centre
  • Chinatown
  • Seah Im

Singapore is a real mesh of cultures and foods. There’s no shortage of different things to try when you’re in the country, and you should definitely aim to visit a hawker centre. Most of our meals cost around $4 each, which four our exchange rate works out to be around £2.30. Bloody amazing value! We loved everything on offer in this country and the food was no different. Good Eats were had all around!