Reading about Copenhagen’s Grød before our trip to Denmark had Daisy filled with excitement. A whole restaurant dedicated to the greatest and most customisable breakfast in the world, porridge!

A Grød Breakfast of Champions

A visit was an absolute must then, and we swung by one morning on our bikes. Parking up just outside, we made our way into the tiny shop to warm up. 

There are a few tables outside and a limited number inside so it’s wise to get here in good time or just hope that you’ll get lucky. If it’s chilly then sitting outside is not preferable! We were a little late but just managed to score an inside table as another couple had just finished their breakfasts.

It was warm, filling and full of flavour and we savoured every bite

What did we order?

Beginning with a latte to perk us up for the day. We placed our order at the counter and awaited our breakfast excitedly. Spelt, oat or barley porridge, served with a variety of toppings. Adam went for one with apple and vanilla compote, skyr Icelandic yoghurt, and a tasty granola. For Daisy, chopped apples, a home made caramel sauce and roasted almonds.  It was warm, filling and full of flavour, we savoured every bite.

The cool late March weather meant that this was the perfect breakfast to warm up with. It set us up for a busy day of cycling the streets of Copenhagen. Grød is open all day and they not only serve porridge, but other porridge based dishes such as congee and risotto, isn’t that fun?!  I wish that I could visit here more often!

Grød is located on Jægersborggade near Norrebro, but easily reachable from central Copenhagen. There is also a location at Torvehallerne food hall. Porridge is around £4 each, and coffee £3.

Bringing the magic back home

We’ve now got our own ‘Grød’ bowls at home thanks to a lovely anniversary present from Adam. Now we can try to recreate the perfect porridge ourselves! It’s not easy to recreate the magic, but it’s fun to try. We’ve also quickly begun to covet earthenware bowls and plates in general too as a result.

We’ve had a lot of great breakfast foods on our travels, and Grød takes a very high place among them. If you’re visiting Copenhagen, you should give them a look. Happy breakfasting!