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Where are we going to?

You’ve seen our posts on New York, Copenhagen and London. But where’s next for us? We started this blog mainly so that we could share our next trip with you. It’s a big one for us! We quit our jobs in a few short weeks and from November 1st we’ll be flying out to Singapore for a big 5 month trip through South East Asia!

This is the biggest and longest trip that both of us have ever taken

We’re so excited to have a platform to share our travels with you. We’ll be documenting the days in our lives through pictures, sharing the good and not so good food we eat, and just generally giving you updates from our life on the road! We’re not travel experts and don’t claim to be, rather just people who enjoy exploring the world and want to share with others.

What’s the plan?

We will be flying to Singapore at the start of November, where we begin our trip for four nights. We’ve already booked a funky capsule style hostel! Following that, our first flight is booked from Singapore to Krabi, where we’ll be exploring a few islands and Southern Thailand. At the moment we plan to cover South up to North before doing the usual route of Laos/Vietnam/Cambodia and back into Thailand. After that we’re going to fly over to Japan to end our trip there!

Wanting to keep an open itinerary where we can move as we wish means we don’t have anything properly set in stone apart from our first flight, but we’ll probably book a few things as we go along and get something secured for Christmas/New Year’s and make sure we’re covered for transport during the busy times. We’re going to just go with the flow and see how it all turns out! Daisy loves planning however so rest assured, we’re not totally clueless.

This is the biggest and longest trip that both of us have ever taken and we’re a little nervous. However we know that we’re travelling a well worn route and there’s a wealth of information out there. There’s been so many blog posts to inform us and inspire us, and travelfish is amazing for information. We will be fine!

Keep on reading!

We hope that you’ll keep on reading our blog and keeping up to date with where we are in the world. I’ve planned a series of posts before we leave so you can see a bit more of our plans further in depth and what we’re packing etc. On the road we’ll update our Instagram and Twitter on the regular as well as sharing trip reports, good eats and other such nonsense here on the blog. I’m sure we’ll get into lots of silly situations which will keep you entertained.

Stay tuned!

Adam & Daisy