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We’ve reached the point where we’re packing for our trip. It’s almost time to leave! A practice pack was in order before we head off, making sure what we’ve chosen to include in our bags actually fits, and isn’t too heavy. Here’s a breakdown of what we’re taking. Minimal packing is our aim, carry-on only is our game! Of course, this post wouldn’t be complete without the blogger’s favourite thing – flat lay photographs!

Our bags are 35L and are within most airline carry on requirements. We’re planning to pack a week’s worth of clothing and do laundry along the way. We’ll pick up warmer clothes if and when we need them for Northern Vietnam, and Japan. We’re also taking a day pack which will carry our important things and electronics on travel days, and essentials on days out and excursions whilst we’re away.

Alright. Basics done, let’s show you what we’re packing!

Daisy’s packing list

Tops 2 x t-shirts, 1 x sleeveless top, 1 x long sleeved top (for airplanes/aircon/general coldness), 1 x striped button up shirt
Bottoms 1 x shorts, 1 x skirt, 1 x thin trousers (for temples/airplanes/aircon)
Dresses 2 x dresses, one cotton and one beach.
Bras 1 x nude, 1 x sports (comfortable for travelling long distances)
Swimwear 2 x bikinis
Underwear 5 x pants, 4 x trainer socks
Shoes 1 x trainers, 1 x Teva sandals
Scarf/Sarong Planning to purchase this when we get there!

What Adam is packing

Shirts 4 x t-shirts, 1 x light cotton shirt (temples/airplanes/aircon), 1 x long sleeved workout-material top
Bottoms 2 x shorts, 1 x light cotton trousers (for airplanes/aircon/general coldness)
Swimwear 1 x swim shorts, can double up as sleep shorts/day shorts
Underwear 5 x pants, 4 x trainer socks
Shoes 1 x Summer shoes 1 x Teva Sandals, with plans to purchase trainers when we’re there..

We’ve both looked through our bags and clothing choices several times and feel that we’ve reached the optimum amount, with room to pick up a few more bits along the way. Daisy could do with another pair of shorts and a few tank tops but will hit the markets in Thailand, and Adam’s on the hunt for trainers so will pick those up as needed. Always got to leave room for shopping! All of our clothes/toiletries/charging cables fit into 4 medium sized Amazon packing cubes, leaving space on top for a few extras.

What about electronics?

We’re taking a few electronics with us, including a small laptop so that we can blog on the road, my DSLR, and both our smartphones. I’m currently undecided whether to take my kindle or not as it’s another thing to have to keep an eye on. We’ve got a memory stick or two and plan to back up all of our photos to a couple of places in case we lose anything.

ASUS 11″ Laptop & Charger Compact and good for booking on the go, blogging, and skype back home!
Nikon D40 & Charger An older DSLR, but one that Daisy’s owned for a few years and knows well.
iPhone 6 x 2 & Charging cables We upgraded a step to the iPhone 6 and are happy with our choice. Good for every day photos, maps, and podcasts on long journeys.
Power Bank We bought one with enough power to provide one full charge. Handy for if we’re running out & in the middle of nowhere.
Travel Adaptor Gotta be able to charge all of our stuff!

Anything else?

We’ve included a few bits of medicine – paracetamol, dioralyte, plasters, the basics really. There’s also basic toiletries, sun lotion, mosquito spray in 100ml bottles so we get through security without having anything confiscated. As we’re both glasses wearers, there’s a pair each, a spare, and sunglasses. Combination locks are also going in, as well as a money belt although we’re doubtful as to whether we’ll use it. It’s handy to have just in case!

We’re both taking journals to record our trip, as well as a Pritt stick (in case you spotted it in the photographs and got confused..) to stick in tickets and reminders of our journey. Daisy’s got a small watercolour set and some postcards so she can continue painting and drawing on the road.

The moment of truth

We’ll soon find out if we took enough with us, as we’re only a few sleeps away from leaving! We both feel as if we’ve got a good balance on what we’re taking – but feel free to leave us a comment if you think there’s anything we could change. We’ll do an update halfway through our trip and see what we’ve used and not used. Here’s to happy packing!