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We’re only just at the start of our travel blog experiment, and are working hard to find our voice and hopefully build a little bit of an audience as we go. Naturally, we have been looking to the many other awesome bloggers inspiring us to contribute to the community, and feeding our desire to travel every day.

This FP Planet

We interacted with Michaela over a twitter chat and after a good browse of her blog found that we really liked her writing style! Friendly and easy to read, this blog is one to watch and we look forward to upcoming posts!

Galvin and Katie

We stumbled across this YouTube channel on the /r/backpacking subreddit. We immediately enjoyed their genuine and unembellished style. So far the places covered all match part of our travel plans starting in November, so we eagerly anticipate each video uploaded.

Callum and Emma: Vlogpackers

We’ve interacted with Callum and Emma a little on twitter, and again they are travelling in places that we will be visiting later in the year so their updates are of special interest to us. Their blog is written in a genuine and sometimes comedic way, which makes for an entertaining read, and it is definitely helping us dare to find our own tone of voice.

Unfortunately it looks like their blog and social media account are no longer online. It was good while it lasted!

A Northerner Abroad

We were delighted to be featured in one of A Northerner Abroad’s ‘Sunday Spotlight’ articles, and are more than happy to return the love! We are still learning the value of interacting with the community. A Northerner Abroad does a stellar job making Twitter feel cosy.

Want to be featured in an article like this? We’re always active on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, so if you would, drop us a message! Or you can email us if you prefer. Stay tuned for more!