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We’ve compiled our a few of our favourite travel posts that, in the busy landscape of the travel blogosphere, we think shouldn’t be missed. Sometimes a blog post sticks in our mind, is especially interesting or insightful and we love to revisit them from time to time. It’s high time we shared these posts with you!

Helen’s Recipes

Our first entry is a video by youtuber Helen’s Recipes. More a food blog than a travel blog, but pretty amazing still! If you’ve travelled to Vietnam and sampled the amazing cuisine, this channel could prove invaluable. You might have noticed on our social media accounts that we’ve fallen in love with Bún Thịt Nướng, and we’ve recreated it ourselves several times. This video is easy to follow, and makes a damn good bowl of noodles for dinner.

Opium Teahouse

Now that we’re back from our travels, we find it incredibly interesting reading other accounts from the destinations we’ve been to. We too spent a month in Thailand, so this post by Diane and Edgar from Opium Teahouse is a compelling read for us. It’s beautifully written and a fine way to spend 30 days in Thailand! Their blog has a super cool aesthetic and stunning photography to boot. It’s constantly inspiring us to finesse how we position ourselves in the world of travel blogging.


There’s something fascinating about reading another perspective on travelling as a couple. Adam and I are lucky enough to travel really well together, but we don’t take that for granted. Jessica and Sean from A Wanderlust for Life have written their own take on tackling disharmony in a travelling relationship, and it’s full of great tips and cheats that we feel that much wiser for reading. They also live in beautiful Amsterdam. Colour us jealous!

6 Rules for Traveling as a Couple

Dave – Man vs Globe

Dave from Man vs Globe has a wealth of interesting blog posts on his website. From Vietnam to Guatemala, there’s a little bit of everything. His latest post, talking about the Reeperbahn, one of Hamburg’s naughtiest streets, is full of the history and has a range of awesome photos to boot. It makes for an interesting read! We hope that one day we can have so many awesome destinations on our blog. Go check Dave out!

Don’t Fear the Reeperbahn: St. Pauli, Hamburg


Vicky and Chris from Eat Sleep Love Travel are pretty big names in the travel blogging world, boasting over 25,000 twitter followers! Their latest post details a trip to famed prison, Alcatraz. It’s somewhere we’ve always wanted to visit, and this post only makes us want to book immediately! They travel to a variety of destinations and make awesome reports about what they get up to. You should definitely give Vicky and Chris a read!

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