New York has no shortage of food outlets. Be it takeaway, café, deli or fine dining, there’s something for every palate and budget. Here are a few of the places where we ate breakfast in New York. Hopefully we can inspire you for your next trip!

Breakfast at Penelope’s

One of our highlights whilst we were away was Penelope. It was just around the block from our hotel and we stopped by on our first morning. We ordered pumpkin waffles, strawberry french toast and a mocha each.

It’s a small, cosy place so it’s best to turn up early for breakfast. Be prepared for a wait if you go at a popular time. They don’t take reservations! This place is worth a visit if you’re after a tasty breakfast to start your day – wish we’d had time to go again.

Old School Breakfast

Wanting to experience an authentic breakfast, we trotted over the road from our hotel to Eisenberg’s. It’s been going in New York since 1929! Stepping inside, you feel like you’ve gone back in time a little. The menu features tons of classics, from tuna melts to pastrami they’re a typical NYC deli.

Our second breakfast in New York consisted off egg bagels, coffee, and chocolate milk. What a way to start the day! Although our bagels were tasty, we have to admit that it wasn’t the completely authentic breakfast we’d hoped for. I think next time we’ll try and go for a tuna melt lunch instead.

The greatest hot chocolate we’ve ever tasted

The City Bakery, is somewhere you should definitely visit if you’re a hot chocolate fan. Served with an optional huge fluffy marshmallow, this stuff is a serious contender for ‘best hot chocolate we’ve ever had’. It comes in a small cup which is MORE than enough, it’s very rich and sweet.

The only downside is that it’s nearly impossible to finish – we recommend sharing! The pastries on offer here are good – the pain au chocolate and fruit scone get a thumbs up from us.

Doughnuts for breakfast

A special mention is reserved for Dunkin’ donuts, giving us a huge sugar rush on a sleepy sunday morning. It’s not the fanciest place in the world, but somewhere we couldn’t resist. A quick hot chocolate and a Boston Kreme each and we were fuelled for the trip down to Battery park to visit the Statue of Liberty.


Eisenberg's Sandwich Shop

City Bakery

Dunkin' Donuts

  • Penelope
  • Eisenberg's Sandwich Shop
  • City Bakery
  • Dunkin' Donuts

We had some great opportunities for breakfast in New York and we’re already planning where we can go to on our next visit. Where is your favourite place to have breakfast in New York? Send us your suggestions on twitter or in the comments!