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We’re back home after five months travelling East and Southeast Asia. You may know the bittersweet feeling to be home after so long. So what do we do with our spare time now? Well, we idly browse our most trusted travel blogs of course, and contemplate where our next adventure will take us.

Kinging It

Our YouTube subscription box is bulging with travel related channels, and while our interest in different blogs can wax and wane, Kinging It is one that has held our attention. Craig and Aimee are funny as hell, super entertaining to watch, and have visited some sweet destinations. We’re super jealous watching their Philippines footage! Give these guys a watch and a subscribe, they need more followers fo’ shizzle!

Not Another Travel

Not Another Travel Blog have been to most of the places we have travelled to and more, so their articles are definitely always of interest to us. Sarah and Rob have a nice writing style, their blog posts are packed with information, and they’re super active (and friendly on twitter too).  It’s so fun to read someone else’s take on the places we’ve been to. Would recommend checking out their blog and twitter!


Nicole always pops up in our twitter feed and keeps us entertained with her musings on travel! She has some super duper posts over on her blog, we’re particularly enjoying her 24 hours in Poland and 36 hours in Berlin. They’re both on our to visit list and we’re getting itchy feet to get back out on the road again! Check Nicole’s blog out, and follow her on twitter over at @atravelangelist

36 hours in… Berlin, Germany

Life Begins With Travel

Here’s one to watch! Alex and Tamsin are just at the beginning of their adventure having just booked one way tickets to Southeast Asia and beyond. How exciting! They’ve just launched their brand spanking new blog, we wish them luck.

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