We’ve taken so many photographs on our trip, and it’d be a shame not to share some smaller highlights from our time in Thailand. We’re obsessed with photographing our food and drink and we want to share the little moments that don’t quite make it onto the DSLR. Here’s some highlights straight from our iPhones!

Our first meal in Thailand! At the roadside street market, we were crying from both eyes and nose at the hidden chilli in our dinner. Made for a fun evening! || Adam enjoying iced chocolate and a pancake in Ao Nang on our second day! || A view over the river in Krabi. We knew from this point onward we were in for a treat!

Adam vs hammock: round 2 || Long Beach! We were at the rocky end so had to trek a bit further up to get to the good part. || Enjoying a beer as the sun set over the ocean! || Our little beach bungalow. Read more about Lanta here 

Our first sleeper train! Trang –> Bangkok. Acting silly before everyone else got on!  Managed to get a little sleep on this ride. Not much though. Too worried we’d roll off the top bunks!

Someone got a poorly foot from hitting the coral on Ko Lanta…Adam managed to use google images and copious pointing to bag some iodine for my nasty wound! || Eating a froyo-sorbet thing from the market. 30B well spent! || THE BEST noodle soup we had in Thailand. Adam swears down. It was pretty good. 

The first ‘real’ tuk tuk we spotted! || Adam got obsessed with the concrete walkways in Bangkok. Everything felt like a futuristic space film! || Snapping a photo of snapping a photo… || Halfway across the world and we find THIS! Can’t escape them.

The cutest pupper at our guesthouse in Kanchanaburi! We never found out his name, so christened him Arnold. || The worst photo of the greatest Massaman curry ever. || When a soft serve ice cream is 50p, who’s gonna refuse?! If only 99s were this price back home. || Went to the JEATH war museum. Err…

Adam on one of our many train journeys! || WE BRAVED THE BUS! Manned up and saved serious cash by hopping on local buses in Bangkok. Top tip: Load your destination on google maps in Thai and show it to the ticket lady. Works a treat. || More public transport in Bangkok! This time the sky train. Yay!

A temple with many, many chicken statues. There were SO many. Think they’re a good luck symbol! || Selfies from Ayutthaya, featuring Adam’s river kwai cap. A hilarious emergency purchase. Somebody forgot to put sun cream on that day..

ALL HAIL THE KHAO SOI || This street performer at a Chiang Mai market was good, but his pronunciation killed us. ‘You can take..my bread away’ || A cooking class feast! You bet we made and ate the lot. 

It’s us! Up a lot of steps on a day trip in Pai! See also: Construction work on the buddha. || At the Pai Canyon. Not amused by the narrow walkways. Spoiler alert: still alive.