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A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to be able to attend our first blogger event – Blog at the Beach. Leeds based company hold an annual event, and this year we were free and available to register for our invitation!

We’re now lucky enough to be Leeds based, so it was literally a hop, step and jump down to uber cool Duke Street Studios. Apon arrival, we collected our lanyards and chatted with a few fellow bloggers, getting to say hello to faces we’ve only ever known on twitter and through blog posts!

The main bulk of the day was made up of talks, given by three established bloggers – Kirsty of, Bee of and Kaye, who is a photographer and runs Fordtography. Settling into our seats with a warm mulled wine, we listened in and tried to take in as much information as possible.

What did we learn?

The whole day was eye opening – it gave us the opportunity to listen to established bloggers talk about how to improve our content, our website, and how to have the confidence to take Cases Packed to the next level. Here are a few things that we took away with us from the day, and how we’ll try to use them in our upcoming content.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to brands!

The first piece of advice is from Kirsty’s talk, which covered how to be confident in reaching out to brands. It’s an area we’ve always crossed off of the list, claiming excuses as ‘we’re just not a big enough blog’, or ‘we just need 200 more twitter followers’

But Kirsty showed us that no matter your follower count, or who clicks through to your website, it’s the engagement and creativity that count. She inspired us to think about brands we would like to work with, and opened our eyes to what we could offer to them, instead of merely standing by and letting the opportunities pass.

From now on we’ll look at our engagement and what we have to offer with our blog posts, and definitely think about pitching to brands that we would like to collaborate with. We can feel a million new ideas forming!

It’s okay to have a full time job and to blog too

In the second talk of the day, Bee spoke about how to balance a full time job and a blog. We’ll admit, we have struggled with this – especially just before Christmas. Both of our schedules were crazy and after getting home in the evenings, neither of us had the time nor energy to pump out blog posts.

But, with a new year on the cards, it’s time to jump back into the blogosphere. We especially loved Bee’s tips on utilising lunch breaks, something we’ll definitely use in the future. Using personal time to tweet, instagram, and write blog posts is going to be a big part of our future! Thanks for giving us the motivation to know that it’s possible to balance a busy job and a blog at the same time – let’s hope it works for us going forward.

Be creative with your photography

All too often when travelling or even at home, we come under self inflicted pressure to get that ‘perfect’ shot. Fashion and travel photographer Kaye taught us that you don’t need to get the perfect photograph. Instead, look for the unusual. Her travel photography tips put the spark back in to taking photos and getting our DSLR back in action.

Now when we travel I look forward to using my camera in new and creative ways. I’m so excited to get back to the passion I had for photography when I was a teenager. Let’s get snapping away again!

A day for learning

We had a great day at Blog at the Beach! Our energy for the blog is back, and we’re ready and raring to go with new pitches, proposals, and posts. Thanks to for hosting the event, and of course for inviting us. It was a blast!

What inspires you to be a better blogger? Head over to our twitter page and give us your thoughts – we’re always happy to chat!