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We returned from our last ‘trip’ back at the end of March, and since then we’ve had barely any time to think about booking another adventure! It’s been a busy year, we relocated ourselves to Leeds and got new jobs, and thinking about going away quickly fell off the radar. But now a new year is on the new horizon and with that comes our 2018 travel goals!

We’re definitely ready to go back to weekend breaks and one to two week trips. Five months away was incredible, but we can safely say we’re back to regular travelling, at least for now. Our list of places to visit is slowly growing, so let’s have a look at where we’re hoping to jet (or drive) away to!


The windy city calls our name! We’ve talked about going to Chi-town for a year or so now, and I think it might finally be time to book the tickets. We haven’t been to the US since New York in November 2015, so we’re definitely due a return visit. Bring on the deep dish pizza!


Adam’s been many a time to Berlin for gigs, however I’ve never had the chance. Technically as a baby I went, but obviously that’s not in my memory. Home to a million vegan restaurants and plenty of tourist attractions to look at, Berlin will be the perfect city break for us – culture, food, and also a thriving hipster scene!


We’ve been talking for the past two years about going to the Edinburgh festival, but have yet to make it. Maybe 2018 will finally be our year! Either way, I’d love to venture up north to Scotland and have a poke around this beautiful city.

Somewhere sunny

Of course somewhere nice and hot has to be on the list – we were in Greece a couple of years ago and sun, sea, and relaxation is sometimes all that you need. Hopefully a beach holiday might be on the cards this year? Alternatively, a city break to somewhere warm and lovely would be warmly welcomed. (Italy calls our name!)

To be honest, the post could be a million miles long with everywhere that we’d like to go. I’m interested to look back on these 2018 travel goals to see where we end up visiting! Who knows if we’ll make it to any of these places, but hopefully we’ll make it to all of them. Have you got any top places to visit in the new year? Let us know over on twitter or facebook!